Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hello Cast, Goodbye Tooth!

Monday Brice fractured her wrist skating. It is a small buckle fracture that is very common. She wore it wrapped and in a sling until Thursday when she had her cast put on. She had to wait for the swelling to go down on her wrist before the real cast could be placed on. This lovely cast will be worn for 4 weeks. Such good itchy, smelly times ahead!

The lovely pink color she chose.

She wanted everyone to sign her cast and Bailey wanted to be the first. Of course, Brice being the artist that she is decided to decorate around every ones names. She didn't take into account that she didn't leave a lot of room for her cousins in San Antonio to sign. We leave tomorrow for Kai's big 2 year B-Day:) I guess everyone will have to sign super tiny. I also warned her about getting upset with her brother and using her cast as a weapon! I just know those screams will be coming soon:)

Bailey woke up early to go with us to get Brice's cast. Daddy, thankfully stayed home for a bit to watch the two crazies. She was excited to look at Brice's X-ray because she wanted to see the BIG BONES. It is a known fact that my family has LARGER bones than most( just picture tree trunks) and so Martin and I joke that the girls most likely have Stratton bones. So Bailey wanted to see those X-rays, as if she would be able to tell anyway:)

Well I couldn't have her feel left out of the pain process, so while we were waiting I finished getting her tooth out! Oh what a great way to start my day! I love to pull me some teeth:)