Friday, August 28, 2009

Update on Blake

Blake has started methotrexate for her severe eczema. She has had three doses now. Her doctor said it will take a few before we see real results. She takes it once a week and has to have her blood drawn every 2 weeks to make sure her liver and kidneys are fine. Methotrexate is a very potent drug, according to her pharmacists and doctor. It makes her very tired and upsets her stomach.
There are a number of side effects that she could have and hopefully she won't have them. I am just hoping it works. I have seen some improvement for a few days, but then she will have a really bad day. I know there is no cure, but I am hoping for some relief. She can't sleep at night because she is so itchy. My brother was here last week and Blake was having one of her really bad nights were she was screaming and crying and trying to rip her skin off, and he said, " It just breaks my heart to see her like this." It really does break your heart because there is nothing you can do to make her comfortable. I suffer from chronic pain and her doctor and I were discussing how I would rather suffer from the worst chronic pain in the world than suffer from chronic itching. She scratches till she has sores and even then she will still dig deep into her skin.
I just pray this medicine gives her some relief and that her little body can handle it.

The girl's first day of school.

Monday was the first day of school. As you can see, even though Brice was born in 2000, she is an 80's baby:) Martin saw this and thought she was dressed for Halloween. I told him arm warmers are "in". Bailey has a black and white pair courtesy of Granddaddy. Bailey has Mr. Goss this year and we are soooo excited. He is the coolest teacher in 5th grade and he lives on the street next to us. Brice likes her teachers and her switch teacher is the same one Bailey had last year.
Here is a little update for those who haven't heard. Martin is back at Red McCombs Toyota in San Antonio. The kids and I are planning on staying here until the school year is finished and then we will move back. I can't say that I am all that excited about this. If this were a year ago it might be different, but now I can honestly say I don't want to move back! Houston has really grown on us and there are better schools and sport opportunities for the girls, not to mention we love our ward and the fact that it is not super crowded. I'm trying to think positive, we do have all our family there, which is nice, but I LOVE my house and the fact that there are so many trees here and that it actually rains, and did I mention I LOVE my house, so I'm not all that positive yet, but I have time:)

Summer Visits!

It has been a while since the last post:) Here are a FEW pictures from our summer. I won't comment on them all. We had family from the Dinh side and the Stratton side come visit us this summer, so of course that meant a lot of visits to the lake! Here is Uncle Brock wake skating for the first time, and Tara captured the perfect "landing" picture:) We loved seeing everyone and sharing our favorite thing to do with them-being on the boat of course-:)

We went to the children's museum when Kai and Kade were here. They all had exploring and pretending.

I love this picture of the cute butts. They were watching the older girls get thrown around on the tube.

The conga line.

Brayden's ready to rock. Whatever you do, don't smile Zoe!

Bailey was dancing to Beyonce's "All The Single Ladies" while she was wake boarding.

Caught you Sierra:)