Monday, August 23, 2010

Update on Blake

So Blake was re tested for her food allergies because she is getting ready to start allergy shots like Brayden. The results, she can have wheat but we just need to watch her reaction! This is a picture of her enjoying bread for the first time in years!!! She still cannot have any kind of nuts, eggs, or strawberries. The strawberries are new to us and very important to avoid. Go figure, we replace one allergy with another, but at least she can have wheat!! :)

First Day at New School!

Ready to go to school. Bailey is in 6th grade, Brice is in 5th, and Brayden is starting kinder. They all go to the same school. I was happy to hear this because I was worried for Bailey going to middle school and not knowing anyone. This way she is still in a homeroom setting and can make friends before middle school next year. Bronx had to run over and get in on the picture action!
Blake is on a waiting list for preschool. Hopefully she will get in soon. Right now it is just us two at home. Soooo quiet! Also, Bailey was placed in advanced GT and Brice was placed in GT. We are very proud of them.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Watts Come To Town!

Blake and Kate were playing under the table in the upstairs play room. They were sooo cute!
Bailey, Reid and Brayden doing what they do best!

Kate and Blake got matching night gowns at the Disney store. Twins!

This is what Blake was doing while everyone else was swimming. The trip to the mall wore her out.

Bailey, Kate and Brice! Sports Illustrated swimsuit models:)

The "Bros".

I love Brayden's face in this picture:) He was mad at his sisters for something, nothing new there, and was giving them the death to you look.

Blake eating her ice cream at the mall.

Kate is SCARED of the Chick-Fil-A cow so you know Aunt Brittany made her go take a picture with him :) These kids just LOVE Me:)

Brayden's First Sparring Practice!

Brayden goes to Tae Kwon Do Monday thru Friday. Friday nights are for sparring only. This past Friday was his first time to spar and he did awesome. He is really excelling in his Tae Kwon Do.