Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike was our first. We were really lucky damage wise. There were some leaks in the ceiling, nothing major. The fence is our biggest issue. We were very lucky compared to a lot in our neighborhood. They had trees fall on roofs and cars. If only one had fallen on my car! The fence fell, which was no suprise. We were planning on replacing it anyway because it was old. It fell on our pool fence and bent the metal poles, so we took it down. The black mesh against the fence is our pool fence. Now we just have to make sure the dogs don't terrorize the neighbors any more than usual:)
Ike did a lot of damage to Houston. As soon as Ike past we went to San Antonio. We were without power for 10 days. We are finally getting our lives back on track, the kids are back in school and soccer is back on this week.

Where is everybody? :)

Can't you tell this was our first hurricane? This was the day
before Ike hit. The lake was completely empty because everyone
was preparing for Ike. We had a blast! It was perfect for wakeboarding.

Soccer Time.

The Wednesday before Hurricane Ike Brayden and Bailey

and Brice had their first soccer practice for the fall season.

This is Brayden's first time playing.

Brayden reminds me of Brice. She started soccer at the

same age and she just liked to kick the ball as hard as she

could. Brayden is the same way:)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

All Dayer.

Brayden plays video games whenever he can.( Which is all the time).
He was playing Power Rangers when the urge to play Smash Brothers
kicked in, thus the blue mask:)

Daddy's New Boat!

Martin sold his Seadoo and bought a Malibu Wake Setter. Now mommy can really try to jump the wake or break my neck:) Do you see how we have to entice family to come visit more often?
Michael Phelps stroke.
This boy loves to jump in the lake and be thrown super high.

Lake Rats!

Bailey loves for Martin to go really FAST!
Brayden loves him some powdered donuts.
Blake has always been afraid to go in the water and now you can't get her out!

We Have A Star Wars Fan!

Brayden has been watching the original Star Wars, the one with Darth Vador! The boy is scared of the cartoon Monsters Inc, But he can watch Star Wars ( I don't think it means what he thinks it means!)