Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rodeo Day!

Last Friday was rodeo day at school. We don't really have "rodeo wear" so we improvised. They had boots, which up close aren't really cowgirl boots, and these cowboy hats from the dollar tree that they had to have last summer. I put a bandanna around the hats and their necks. I thought they looked more like farmers, but whatever:) At least they were happy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Flu Update

Brayden and Blake had the flu since Sunday. On Friday I took them back to the doctor because they were still miserable. So on top of the flu, Brayden has an ear infection and Blake has a sinus infection. Will it ever end?? The doctor said they should be close to being done with the flu. I hope so because I am ready to get out of this house!!
On a good note, Blake's dermatologist said her skin, on the new medicine, has improved 50% and that he thinks we should be close to getting her on the right track of having this eczema under control. She will of course still have bad break outs now and then and not know why, but that just goes with eczema.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just get comfy why don't ya:)

So the "babies", Brayden and Blake, got the flu as well. So much for the flu shot. Needless to say I have been cleaning everything. I was washing sheets and threw the comforters in the corner to wait. When I came back to wash them this is what I found:) Bronx and Bishop just making themselves comfortable on the blankets. These dogs will lay wherever there is a blanket or pillow, it doesn't matter that they have a huge bed pillow in the other room. They like other peoples better. Hmmm, guess they aren't much different than kids:)

The top picture is of the new pillow I bought them to stay in the laundry room. They like to look out the window and bark at everyone:) I guess that's why the sells men I saw out the window didn't ring our doorbell. Who would be afraid of these sweet tiny dogs???

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Houston, We Have The FLU!

Bailey was sick Thursday and on Friday I took her to the doctor thinking it was strep throat. Wrong! It is the flu:( She has had a high fever and is miserable. Saturday Brice woke up with ,you guessed it, the flu. I have sequestered them to my bedroom and I won't let the little ones in:) Brayden and Blake had the flu shot because of their breathing problems so hopefully they won't get it. I really hope Martin doesn't get it because he will be at deaths door:)

Brice's choir trip to San Antonio!

The girls have put in a lot of EARLY morning practices for choir. Haude choir was chosen to perform in San Antonio on Friday for the TMEA ( don't know what that stands for). They got to travel on a charter bus. Bailey was sick so she didn't get to go. She was very upset and Brice was scared to go without Bailey, but ended up having a lot of fun. She took her phone and called us throughout the day.

B-Dinhs love the boat

Last Saturday we went to the lake, again. The kids love being on the boat, so does daddy, even if they can't go in the water yet. Brayden is the mummy you see above:) He fell asleep and it started to get windy,so I covered him up.

Blake has turned into quite the boat lover. Everyday she asks if we can go on the boat, and at the doctors office she always wants to look through the boating magazines:) She wants her daddy to get a house boat, just the thought makes me queasy:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update on Blake

Blake went to the Dermatologist today. Here is what she looks like. The sad thing is that this is a little better than last Monday. She just finished a week of oral steroids, which helped but now she is done the breaking out starts again. She has not been sleeping well because of all the itching and burning. The Dermatologist put her on a prescription antihistamine, along with Benadryl, it is stronger and will put her to sleep at night. If it doesn't she has to go back in 2 days. He also put her on a stronger cream. It is very similar to Elidel (which didn't work on her). She goes back in 10 days, if not sooner.
She has been very miserable, thus making all of us miserable! I hope this works! The doctor said we will slowly work up to even stronger creams. She has severe eczema and he said it has a lot to do with her genetics and a little to do with her air borne allergies. He also said her case is so bad that when she looks like this she needs to be seen right away. The nurse and the doctor kept watching Blake and saying oh and ah at how bad she looked. He told her he wanted to start scratching just watching her.
So hopefully we will be able to get it under control and she will be able to sleep at night ( and me too). She is going to use cerave lotion and vanicream soap.
Recap on all the medicine going into and on this little body:
Benadryl as needed
Hydroxyzine 2x a day
Nasacort 1 spray each nostril 1x a day
Allegra 1x a day
Elocon steroid cream 1x a day
Protopic steroid cream 1x a day
Then she has Epi-pen for emergencies and albuterol and pulimcort for wheezing! And Orapred when wheezing is bad or skin is really bad.
I need a job to pay for all of this!!! I just hope it helps her not be sooooo miserable.

Just Because

Just wanted to take their picture one day. Brayden was carrying his Harry Potter wand around. Bishop decided to join them.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cole and Brayden

Sorry the pictures are a little blurry, I was across the street:) Cole is our neighbor across the street. He is in 8th grade and the sweetest boy ever. He is always willing to play with Brayden and let him hang out with him and his friends. Brayden waits for Cole to come home everyday. It is sweet but kinda sad because he needs a brother of his own and that ain't happening:)


Brayden has been falling asleep in the funniest positions.

Soooooo tired from his run.

Blake wanted her sisters to lay with her. Notice how there are no pictures of Blake sleeping:) Bailey and Brice crashed real quick and Blake just got up and went off to play!

Our "Glue" Filled Saturday

Saturday we decided to have a fun filled day. We took the boat out on the lake and then we went to Willie's for a late lunch. While in line at the restaurant Brayden and Blake were swinging from the poles. Next thing I know Brayden is tapping me and holding his head, so I bend over to give his head a kiss, expecting to see a huge knot, instead I see a tiny gash that you could just squish back together.
So Martin dropped Brayden and I off at St. Luke's, which was across the street, and we waited about 4 1/2 hours to see the doctor. The whole time people kept coming in and I was praying Brayden wouldn't catch anything. I made him sit on my lap the whole time and play his Nintendo DS and would not let him touch anything. Finally we see the doctor and she is going to staple his wound:( As she is prepping the wound she says she thinks she can glue it closed instead:) So he had to take it easy on Sunday and not wash his hair for a few days. He never even cried.