Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We're gonna score tonight!

Brayden's preschool class went bowling today. They had a good time. Brayden would put the ball up at his neck, like a shot put, and then he would hurl the ball down the lane. It was pretty funny:)

This is Brayden's friend Eric. He is in Blake's class at church too.

Once again Brice's art was recognized for the Rodeo. She needs her Auntie Bre to come and teach her how to do chalks and oils. There is a very large artists store downtown we need to go to next time you are here.

Can You Say SLACKER???

Ok, I have been the world's biggest slacker, but we have been busy at the "b" dinh's. So here is a quick catch up. This is Kaiser, our newest member of the family. He is a blue and white pit-bull and he is a BIG boy. And yes that is 5 dogs!!!!
Bailey turned 11 on January 4. Martin and I are steadily getting older and our bodies are rapidly doing so:)

Brayden came out one night in these p.j's and exclaimed that they were weird. His sisters laughed and told him that was because they were Blake's that Trang gave her for Christmas! They convinced him to let them take a picture. He will KILL me if he finds out I posted this:)

Brayden was one of the wisemen for his preschool program.

Blake turned 4 the end of October. This was a barbie cousin Helen sent her. She goes to the doctor tomorrow so I will do another update post on her later. Bailey and Brice have been busy with choir, Brice is doing tone chimes, Bailey is learning to play the viola(like her mother), and they are both playing basketball. Softball will be starting soon as well. Their busy lives are taking over!!!