Friday, October 22, 2010

Dallas Trip

Brayden had a tae kwon do tournament in Dallas the second weekend of October, so just mommy and Brayden flew out there. He was sooooo excited about going on the plane.
We stayed with my brother Brock and his wife Tara and their two little ones Kai and Kade. This is Kai waiting to see Brayden fight. She was cheering so loud for him. It was super cute.
Brayden was trying to hide from me. His uncle Francis is behind him in the red and his coach is in the white.

Brayden and Francis.

The big man Kade. He acts just like Brayden did at his age. Cracks me up!

Setting Brayden up to give him his first place medal!! He is doing awesome. He is really taking to this sport.

First place.

Cousin Reid was in town visiting his Aunt and Uncle and came by to see Brayden. It made his day!

After lunch we saw this guy on the street dressed like Jack Sparrow and had to get a picture with him. Brayden is a HUGE Captain Jack Sparrow fan.

Kai took us to the Stockyards in Ft. Worth because that is her favorite place. She is a big animal lover.

Blake would be so upset if she knew she missed out on the pony rides. So we won't tell her:)

Pansy boy, as his sister Kai calls him, is scared of the animals and wouldn't go on them.

Watching from the sidelines.

Calm when it is not moving.

Enjoying some candy.

Scared of the merry go round! Ha!

Kade and Kai loved watching Brayden play his dsi.

Piggy back rides:)

Fire Station Field Trip

Eating her snack at the end of the field trip.
Blake had a field trip to the fire station. She was so excited because her daddy went with us too.

We went to the fire station next to the airport. This is the green truck they use on the airplanes. Blake's mommy rode in this truck while they sprayed water on the road:)

The kids had to practice crawling under the "smoke" to get out of the building.

Standing in front of the red truck.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Jacksons Visit

Brayden, Bailey and Nixan. Brayden and Nixan always have a blast with each other.I love how the straw looks like it is going up Brayden's nose! :)

Martin, Taite and Blake. Blake and Taite had sooo much fun together. They were cracking each other up all weekend.

Nixan and her mama.

Bre, Trevi and Brice. Trevi gives the best smiles! She looks more Asian then my kids!!!

Bre and I were walking the dogs and at the end of our walk Trevi pointed at Bronx and said "mine", so we let her take him for a stroll around the driveway. :)

Brice saw this hat at the store and put it on Trevi. It was so cute on her.