Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Changing Blog Address!

I will be changing our blog address to http://www.thebdinhs.blogspot.com/ in the up coming weeks. So everyone who would like to keep on following these crazy b dinhs write this down:)

We made it! / Brayden's Birthday!

Well we finally made it to McAllen! We really like it here. It is a very family oriented city. It has taken us a while to get our Internet up and running. They are very laid back around here:) Brayden turned 6 on June 13. We went to Chuck E Cheese and then came home for presents and cake. I would have put more pictures but they don't have cable in our area and our computer is slower than I have patience for:) McAllen is turning out to be perfect for raising our family, even though we do really miss Houston.

Brayden's Graduation!

Brayden had his preschool graduation before we moved to McAllen. It was so cute. It was the best preschool graduation yet. They gave him the best book of pictures from the whole year. It was really sweet.