Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another Update on Blake

My pictures are a little blurry because I just can't seem to take clear pictures, but I think you can get the point. Blake is slowly being weaned off the methotrexate. It is time for her body to have a break for a few months and then she will probably be placed back on the medicine. Her liver enzymes were low and so her folic acid had to be doubled. She had her blood drawn yesterday so we should hear today if that helped. Her doctor wasn't sure if her skin would act up once she was off the methotrexate but as you can see from the pictures below it is already happening with the lower doses. She is back to not sleeping through the night and having bad break-outs that she scratches till they are oozing sores. The sad thing is her skin still looks better than before so I know there is worse still to come. Her Dermatologist referred us to a new Allergist that we are going to see the being of November, so maybe he can get her on medicine to help her sleep at night. She has sores around her mouth that look like she has food that needs to be wiped away, her hands and fingers are super gross and swollen as you will see, and her feet as well. The pictures don't do her justice. She actually looks worse in person. My poor, poor Blakey:(

Halloween Costumes

Last night the kids got to wear their Halloween costumes to the ward Fall party and trunk or treat. Brice was a fifties girl with her" don't you think they make me look smarter glasses":)Bailey was Bat girl, Brayden was Optimas Prime from Transformers, and Blake was a lovely bride with a whopping sparkler:)
Tena and Brooklyn.

Jackson and Blake.

Nerd, I mean Bailey, Autumn, and Brice.

Brayden and Eric in a blurry picture:)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Puppy Love!

The proud papa Bronx. So, Bronx was neutered a few weeks ago, but about 2 months before that we let him have a "hook-up" or as we tell the kids, he got married:) The female (Nina) is a red nose and Bronx is a blue fawn pit bull. Nina had 11 puppies! Only one died at 3 weeks. We went to see the rest Sunday afternoon. They are 4 weeks old and the cutest dang puppies ever! I wanted to go buy some land and take them all home with me and so did Martin and the kids!
I always knew Bronx would have the best looking puppies. He's the prettiest dog I ever saw:)

Bronx was so excited! He got a little rough at times because there were puppies everywhere. He stepped on a few at times, but they were fine:)

These 2 were my favorites! They remind me of my boy Bronx. They are twins:) A male and a female. It is hard to tell in the pictures that they are fawn with blue brindle! How rare and cool is that?

Love them! We are such suckers for puppy faces! I want these 2:) I told Martin, Bronx had twins for me cause he loves his mama:) Calm down mom, I know I have enough dogs already, but if I had the land I promise you they would be mine:)

They were all so cute. This one was a chocolate and reddish brindle and the other was complete fawn.

Look at that face.

Monday, October 5, 2009

This One's For Uncle Francis!

Happy Big 30 Uncle Francis! Sorry we couldn't be there with you to celebrate. Have a great day! Love the "B" Dinhs:)