Sunday, September 7, 2008

All Dayer.

Brayden plays video games whenever he can.( Which is all the time).
He was playing Power Rangers when the urge to play Smash Brothers
kicked in, thus the blue mask:)


Ryan and Tawnee said...

Yeah!! A Dinh blog!! Kadence has become addicted to computer games,! That is all she wants to do, I have to set a timer to remind me to shut it down!! But so far no masks have been involved...that is truly classic!

HoustonMamaJenn said...

WELCOME TO BLOG WORLD girl!! Your blog looks so GROOVY!!!

Texas Tingey said...

Hooray! Love your blog! Brayden is such a stud! Love the pic of him jumping into the water. He reminds me so much of my nephew, Davey.

Blogs are the best 'cuz you can keep up with everyone even though you don't get to see them all the time. So, yeah for starting a blog!!