Monday, November 10, 2008

Answer- Brittany Dinh

Question-Who is the worst mother? Blake had her allergy test last week. It was a 2 day process and not a whole lot of fun. When she was a baby she had the blood test done and was allergic to wheat, eggs, and peanuts. The allergist in San Antonio told us to cut out wheat if it was in the first 3 ingredients, and no eggs, but if it was used in the ingredients,(like pancakes etc.) it was o.k. She got tested 6 months later and her results were the same. They can usually outgrow some allergies. Well her skin tests showed that she is allergic to dogs, cats, all types of grass, house dust, and ragweed. She could only be tested for 24 things because of her age. Food allergies are Wheat, Eggs, Soy, Peanuts, and Tree nuts. Did I mention she also has asthma?? Her Eczema has been really bad since birth. I mean she has head to toe eczema, in places you wouldn't think possible. We always thought it just went along with her asthma. Well come to find out it is mainly from her allergies, not only in the air, but stuff we have been feeding her. The above picture is of her eczema on her neck and face that is actually looking a lot better. So sad.
The worst thing is that she has to avoid food with any wheat, soy ,and nuts, and no eggs. I did not realize all the foods that have wheat and soy. It is impossible to find anything she can eat. She also will start wearing a very fashionable medical alert bracelet stating her asthma and food allergies and that she carries an epi-pen! Yes, she has to have an epi-pen with her at all times. My poor baby. There is practically nothing she can eat! She is also on a bunch of medicines and steroids right now. She can't get shots until she is 6. Something else exciting to look forward to!


Texas Tingey said...

Brittany! Oh my goodness. THat is soooo hard! But, you are not a bad mom AT ALL!! YOu had no idea and have done your best with what the doctors have told you. YOu love your kids and have done your best to follow doctors instructions etc......
Poor girl. Hang in there. It will be better once you figure out her diet. If you need anything, let me know!!

Texas Tingey said...

ps I tagged you on my blog

LatinaMom said...

you are a great mom, allergies just happen. I have a 99.9 allergy to dust mites! so, no dogs for my kids because they carry dust mites. :)
Blake is just a cute little girl!
come someday so the girls can play together.

Shawn said...

My friend Robin has a child with the same allergies...she makes her own bread and uses goat milk and sooo many other tricks she's learned over the years. If you'd like to get in touch with her let me know, and I'll arrange it! She is a fabulous mom and a nurse to boot! My email is

AND How DARE you even suggest you are nothing but a fabulous mom?!?! Please! I know you feel guilty, but keep in mind you shouldn't feel guilty for what you didn't know!
Hugs, love, and kisses to all..

Lewis Family said...

Awwwww, she looks so pitiful in that pic. And I tagged you too. Wonder if it's the same tag... come on over and check it out.

Ryan and Tawnee said...

Dang how yucky for poor little Blake but even for you- ahh! No I am the worst mother, Cambelle in downstairs still in the garage that is 38 degrees throwing a fit. I just brought Emmett up and left her to her fit. *sigh* That one....