Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ward Christmas Party.

Our church Christmas party was Saturday night. Brice and Bailey performed Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer with the activity day girls. It was a huge hit:) Brice was Rudolph. Here is Rudolph sitting on Santa's lap.

Santa was cracking Bailey up! Brayden and Blake did not want to see Santa. Blake was terrified and Brayden just wanted to chase his friends around:)

Here are the stars of the evening. These girls did a great job. It was super cute.

Future Mega Stars!

I've always said Brice was an actress.

Bailey sang the solo part of Santa and nailed it! Everyone was telling her how great she did. She really belted it.

I'm telling you, I am going to put them in one of the many performing art schools here, then maybe I can live off of them:) They all were fantastic. Wish everyone could have seen them!


Lewis Family said...

Yep, they were DANG cute! And so talented!

Julie said...

That was the cutest song! Both your girls were great but I agree Brice could be a performer for sure! The shy was always do best on stage.