Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nixan and Taite Visit.

Blake, Nixan, Brayden and Taite.
My sister came to visit this last week. We took the little ones to Johnny Rockets for lunch. Taite loved talking to me! She is a CLOSE talker and super sweet. She would get right up in my face to talk. Bre is having her 3rd girl in March. By the time they left Nixan was having sympathy itching after watching Blake scratch all week. It was sad but cute at the same time. Can't wait till they come again:) Sorry that you missed spring rolls Tyler, we'll do them next time! Tyler was only here for a day.


Kelly said...

cuties! --those dogs down below sure look sorry!

Texas Jacksons said...

Cute people. Taite is close talking to me right now. Personal space please!