Wednesday, May 27, 2009

At the lake with the cousins.

Brayden and Nixan had soooo much fun on the tube. Nixan didn't want to stop. Brayden is giving the rock out sign above because we were listening to his favorite Bon Jovi song:)

Blake asleep.

Nixan asleep.

Brayden asleep.

Taite and Nixan watching their mommy,Bre, wakeboard.

Blake was worried about Trevi rolling around on the boat so she would hold the handle. The pictures are mixed up-Blake was tired so she laid back and put her leg on the handle while she slept. So cute and sweet:)

Nixan, Bre, Taite and Brice.

Bailey jumping

John, Britt, Bre and Nix.

John and Nix.

John jumping.

Brayden loved seeing his cousin ,John, from South Carolina. Of course John had to throw Brayden in a million times!


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