Monday, October 19, 2009

Puppy Love!

The proud papa Bronx. So, Bronx was neutered a few weeks ago, but about 2 months before that we let him have a "hook-up" or as we tell the kids, he got married:) The female (Nina) is a red nose and Bronx is a blue fawn pit bull. Nina had 11 puppies! Only one died at 3 weeks. We went to see the rest Sunday afternoon. They are 4 weeks old and the cutest dang puppies ever! I wanted to go buy some land and take them all home with me and so did Martin and the kids!
I always knew Bronx would have the best looking puppies. He's the prettiest dog I ever saw:)

Bronx was so excited! He got a little rough at times because there were puppies everywhere. He stepped on a few at times, but they were fine:)

These 2 were my favorites! They remind me of my boy Bronx. They are twins:) A male and a female. It is hard to tell in the pictures that they are fawn with blue brindle! How rare and cool is that?

Love them! We are such suckers for puppy faces! I want these 2:) I told Martin, Bronx had twins for me cause he loves his mama:) Calm down mom, I know I have enough dogs already, but if I had the land I promise you they would be mine:)

They were all so cute. This one was a chocolate and reddish brindle and the other was complete fawn.

Look at that face.

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The Strattons said...

Enough pics; stop teasing me! I promise you I would take that blue fawn brindle if we were in a house! Btw, this is Brock & not Tara, as if you didn't already know.