Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dead Man Walking

Yes, Bre and Mom, this is another post about our dogs:) Dead Man Walking is Kaiser's big daddy! This past weekend they had a bully show here in Spring and he was in town. DMW always takes 1st in all around and biggest head and there are probably other awards as well. (You can google him) This weekend was no different. He is only a puppy himself! Jesse is his owner and he is the one trying to get Kaiser to hold still for a picture, good luck with that:)
This just gives everyone an idea of how BIG Kaiser will be. Jesse said he looks the same size DMW was at this age and his head looks big as well. Kaiser is 13 weeks and 28 pounds. Just wait- I have already started leash training him and soon I will be whooping his butt into shape. We just might have to do the bully show circuit and give DMW a run for his money, cause you know sloppy seconds ain't my style:)

Bronx mom was at the show as well. She won 1st for best compact. It's amazing to think that he came from such a tiny female, but you could definitely see the resemblance.

This is junior, Kaiser's half-brother from another mother. Junior is 5 weeks older than Kaiser and Kaiser is already about the same size!

They loved running around together.

Monday Kaiser had his ears fixed. We got him when he was 5 weeks old and he came to us with his ears already cropped. Needless to say they were less than perfect. Our vet, who also did Bronx ears, is awesome at ear cropping and wanted him to wait till after his 3rd set of shots to get his ears fixed. So he is a little drugged and not happy about having to stay calm for 10 days! It will be a challenge, but Brayden is very good at talking to him soothingly when he starts to shake his head like a maniac. It's so cute.

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