Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dare Graduation and Allergy Test

Bailey had her Dare graduation the other week. It was a nine week program that really taught her a lot. They had to write essays and take quizzes, much more than we did back in the day. These 5th graders really worked hard, now hopefully they will remember and use everything they have learned!

Brayden was tested for allergies. This is his skin only moments after they pricked him! You have to wait 20 minutes to see the full effect, so yes these welts were bigger! Ya think he has allergies? :) The allergists was a little surprised when he saw his back, he is allergic to almost everything outdoors and his doggies. The funny thing is he is allergic to cows! How weird is that? He gets a kick out of telling everyone that:) He starts his allergy shots this week. Poor guy:(

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Texas Jacksons said...

looks like someone needs to get rid of the doggies! sorry guys, it was nice knowing you! ha!