Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Jacksons Visit

Brayden, Bailey and Nixan. Brayden and Nixan always have a blast with each other.I love how the straw looks like it is going up Brayden's nose! :)

Martin, Taite and Blake. Blake and Taite had sooo much fun together. They were cracking each other up all weekend.

Nixan and her mama.

Bre, Trevi and Brice. Trevi gives the best smiles! She looks more Asian then my kids!!!

Bre and I were walking the dogs and at the end of our walk Trevi pointed at Bronx and said "mine", so we let her take him for a stroll around the driveway. :)

Brice saw this hat at the store and put it on Trevi. It was so cute on her.

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Texas Jacksons said...

Good times! It was fun seeing you guys. Thanks for the butt ugly picture of me! That's why I shouldn't be in pictures.