Saturday, September 5, 2009

Brayden's first day of preschool-Again:)

Brayden had his first day of preschool Friday. This is his second year, but a new preschool. I felt that he wasn't quite ready for kindergarten yet. He hated going to school last year, and if you hate preschool you are already in trouble:) He turned 5 this summer so he is one of the older ones. I look at it this way- All the kids turn 5 in preschool, he started preschool 5 and will end preschool 5 just like his classmates:) He will start kindergarten 6 and end 6 like his classmates:) The good news is he loved his first day and said this school was "more awesome" than his other preschool. He has a friend, Eric Bowcutt, from church in his class. That was a bonus.
This is his new Bakugan backpack that he wants his cousin Reid to see. He also picked out a G.I Joe lunchbox. Such excitement!
Ready to go. Not sure what is going on with Blake's hair:) She has "special" shampoo for her dry, eczema head and it isn't the most flattering stuff! No soft bouncy hair for her:(


Texas Jacksons said...

We have the same dress as Blakey. Could Brayden look anymore like Martin in that last picture. Holy crap.

Texas Jacksons said...

Hey, this is your mother! Grandmother said the same thing about Brayden except for the holy crap part! I think it's that expression. Could his backpack be any bigger? Ha! Boy do I feel OLD!!
Love to you all! Blakey looks sooo cute!!

Jenn said...

Blake still looks gorgeous! Cute pictures! I have psoriasis on my scalp and always have to use "special shampoos." too. No fun!