Sunday, September 13, 2009

Neighboorhood Watch! And Bishop is A New Dog!

This isn't a great picture, but here is the neighborhood watch! Bruno and Bronx love to hang out on the swing set and bark at everybody that walks by the front of our house, and the neighbors on the backside of our house. (Three total) Most people think it is pretty funny to see them up there, others are terrified :) They can't see their tails wagging a hundred miles an hour. I'm so glad we bought this swing set for them:)
Bishop finally had his "boys" cut off on Wednesday. this is the collar they sent him home in. It kept rubbing against the ground and he was bumping into everything. Could it be any bigger?

This is the collar I found that night. So much better! He could actually drink, eat and sleep! He has to stay separated from the others for 2 weeks, and just when they can be around each other again Diesel and Bronx have their turn :)


Texas Jacksons said...

ha! That's funny! I love that you have a blog dedicated to your freakin' dogs!

Jenn said...

AWESOME PICTURES! SO cute that you have such avid Watch DOGS!

Texas Jacksons said...

I'll come out when I have money!!! So, never! No, I'll try and come this weekend or next weekend. Of course Taite still looks like Tyler. Poor baby.

The Mangrum Family said...

Too funny! And despite surgery, he still has the biggest smile on his face!

Claudia said...

I agree with Ellen... He has a big smile! :)
cute pics!