Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Treatments and Charms

Blake had a really bad cough that had her asthma airways really low, so she has to do her albuterol and pulmicort breathing treatments and she is on old faithful, oral steroid orapred. The good thing about orapred is that not only does it help her breathing and clear her chest, it also clears her skin! BONUS!!!
Bailey and Brice started their James Avery charm bracelets when they were little, and every birthday and Christmas their Aunts, Trang and Thuy, and their cousin Helen have given them a charm. Needless to say their bracelets are crammed with charms. Blake received her 5th charm for Christmas and they had to ship it to Kerrville to add her charm. I also had them take off the safety chain so she could wear it right now. She just has a little extra bracelet that hangs down, but she can wear it! She just got it back today and is sooo excited. She has been bugging me since we shipped it off!! One more charm bracelet to go and then were done:)

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Texas Jacksons said...

My little Blakey Pooh looks so gorgeous!! Blake you are a real trooper:)

I love you,