Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mr.Dinh is 5 !

Brayden Dominic turned turned 5 on June 13. I can't believe how fast my loving man has grown. I can honestly say he is my favorite son:) Brayden always manages to keep us entertained, and even though he is surrounded by girls he is truly all boy. We were worried that wouldn't be the case when we realized he would be the only boy, but to our surprise he is quite the meat head or as Uncle Brock and Aunt Tara say, meat stick. I think having sisters only makes you meaner, as Granddaddy will testify, but at the same time he is a great BIG mommas boy who can be the sweetest and most loving guy to his WHOLE family. We love you Mr. Dinh and are so glad you were sent to us!

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The Strattons said...

Looks like the Meat Stick had a great birthday. We love u guys & can't wait to see everyone next week!