Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Is In, Let The Fun Begin!

Yes,it is that time of year were we are always at the lake! So, sorry, but the pictures are going to be the same and are going to be A LOT:) What can I say? My kids are lake rats. This time we decided to take Bronx because he was needing a little more exercise than usual, and those who know Bronx know he gets a lot of exercise, well he got more than he bargained for that day:)
Watching over Blake as she sleeps.

Hanging in the front with the girls.

Martin wake skating.

Cousin Hana put a "cute" sticker on Bronx face:)

Cousin Jonah getting a kick out of Brayden.

Beautiful Hana.

The BIG entertainer.

Hana, Blake, Jonah, and Brayden on the tube going about 3 miles on hour. Hana and Brayden are bored and Blake is scared to death:)



This is how the "B" Dinh's tube!

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The Mangrum Family said...

Looks like so much fun! Totally beats the heat!