Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Truth Comes Out!

This cutie is Brooklyn. We were lucky enough to get to babysit her twice so far. This was our second time. She feels right at home with us and I personally think it is because she is one of us "B's". Now below you will see what I mean by the truth comes out. My family and Martin's family already know about my LITTLE "OCD" problem. Since moving to Houston I have started medicine to help this and it has helped, but there is no medicine THAT strong:)
SOOOOO- Here is the big truth-If you ever leave your child with me expect that they will be cleaning my house at some point:) My kids have always loved playing with the cleaning toys. My mother has always said that it is a little sad that they thought that is what you do for fun and that they enjoyed it. They even knew how to take the accessories off the vacuums and use them:) I personally never thought twice about it. I think these toys are the best!

At one point Brooklyn was using the vacuum in one hand and trying to sweep with the other. I wasn't quick enough with the camera. Don't worry Tena, we didn't break too many child labor laws! You can blame Bailey, she pulled the toys out when she realized Brooklyn liked watching me vacuum the back room.

I know a good maid service if anyone is looking.


Texas Tingey said...

Ahhh....so cute. Send 'em my way, will ya?? I need a good maid. LOL

Lewis Family said...

That is awesome! Wanna train my kids now? I don't do anywhere near as good a job as you do!

Tena said...

Thanks for posting those pictures! I think it's so adorable when little kids want to help. She's always helping me with the laundry, and she loves to take a cloth and wipe anything and everything. However, every time I vacuum, she's usually gets scared and cries. Maybe I just need to get her her own toy vacuum so she can do it with me or better yet, a little one that actually works. Thanks again for watching her--I know she has a good time over there with all of you.

The Mangrum Family said...

Too Cute!