Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bailey Wake Boarding and Random Pictures

This is what happens when Daddy cuts Brayden's hair. I wanted to grow Brayden's hair a little longer for winter, so I asked Martin to cut it because I assumed he could do a better fade than me. WRONG! He really messed up so he gave Brayden a faux hawk that lasted about as long as it took to take a picture and then shaved it all off, so mommy is back to cutting his hair:)

Movie night ended and mommy was cleaning up and these 3 were passed out in 60 seconds flat!

Bailey has been doing amazing on the wake board! Every time we go out she stays up longer. She will be doing flips in no time!


The Strattons said...

Too bad... We loved the faux hawk! Hope you can make it our way soon. Love you guys & miss you tons!!

HoustonMamaJenn said...

Love the "do," and Bailey looks AWESOME on that wake board!! You are just too awesome girl.