Thursday, October 9, 2008

Where did my little girls go?

This was Bailey's first time playing soccer. She is now on her 8th season of soccer. Bailey and Brice have improved so much over the years. They now play positions and understand the game. No more swarm ball!

Here is Brice her first time playing. She is also playing her 8th season of soccer. See how much bigger she is then the kids her age? Brayden is just the opposite. He is the smallest one:) We make Brice play an age group up so she is on the same team as her sister. We did their first 2 season seperate and then made her play up( she also plays up in b-ball as well). She really has stepped up to this challenge. We are so proud of both of them.

The girls were waiting for their game and to get their shirts. That's why they are wearing the tanks. Martin was busy watching the game and didn't take pictures. Next time. I was watching the game and the babies, as we call Brayden and Blake.

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Lewis Family said...

Brice is so dang cute there! OK, they're all cute!