Thursday, October 9, 2008

So many trees, so little time.

These two were playing hide from mommy behind the trees. Brayden was also climbing on stumps and jumping off. He will jump from any height. It scares me how he isn't scared and doesn't think he will get hurt. So far he never has. He is always talking about wanting to fly and thinks he will try! Oh BOY!!!!!!!!!! I see You!

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HoustonMamaJenn said...

Our sons would get a long well. I take Jeffery to the park and what does he do?? He climbs the trees and the slides and whatever else you are not supposed to do and then just sits up there...then all the moms come up to me and you know that your son is up there??? Then I have to make him come down so he doesn't scare anybody else!! He just loves being high...ever since he was a little guy....The girls look so cute at their soccer game!!