Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update on Blake

Blake went to the Dermatologist today. Here is what she looks like. The sad thing is that this is a little better than last Monday. She just finished a week of oral steroids, which helped but now she is done the breaking out starts again. She has not been sleeping well because of all the itching and burning. The Dermatologist put her on a prescription antihistamine, along with Benadryl, it is stronger and will put her to sleep at night. If it doesn't she has to go back in 2 days. He also put her on a stronger cream. It is very similar to Elidel (which didn't work on her). She goes back in 10 days, if not sooner.
She has been very miserable, thus making all of us miserable! I hope this works! The doctor said we will slowly work up to even stronger creams. She has severe eczema and he said it has a lot to do with her genetics and a little to do with her air borne allergies. He also said her case is so bad that when she looks like this she needs to be seen right away. The nurse and the doctor kept watching Blake and saying oh and ah at how bad she looked. He told her he wanted to start scratching just watching her.
So hopefully we will be able to get it under control and she will be able to sleep at night ( and me too). She is going to use cerave lotion and vanicream soap.
Recap on all the medicine going into and on this little body:
Benadryl as needed
Hydroxyzine 2x a day
Nasacort 1 spray each nostril 1x a day
Allegra 1x a day
Elocon steroid cream 1x a day
Protopic steroid cream 1x a day
Then she has Epi-pen for emergencies and albuterol and pulimcort for wheezing! And Orapred when wheezing is bad or skin is really bad.
I need a job to pay for all of this!!! I just hope it helps her not be sooooo miserable.


The Strattons said...

Poor baby girl!! I hope they can get it under control SOON.

Texas Jacksons said...

Holy shit balls!! That is so freaken sad. I'm getting a sympathy scratching attack right now! Poor baby.

Kelly said...

oh, poor girl! she is so sweet and adorable...sad that she (and you) has to deal with all of that!

Texas Tingey said...

I HAVE GOT TO TALK TO YOU! I had this thought after y'all were here the other day and I have some things for you to look in to that may help her and won't cost more than what you are already paying, I don't think.
Poor,poor girl!!!!

Julie said...

Poor sweet baby! On Sunday I am sure she thought something was wrong with me b/c I just kept staring, thinking that has got to hurt. Bless her heart and yours!

LatinaMom said...

Poor Blake! I will pray that she gets better. she is adorable!

Texas Tingey said...

Hey! Me again....I emailed you some info, so look for an email from Debbie Hawkins!!:)