Monday, February 23, 2009

Flu Update

Brayden and Blake had the flu since Sunday. On Friday I took them back to the doctor because they were still miserable. So on top of the flu, Brayden has an ear infection and Blake has a sinus infection. Will it ever end?? The doctor said they should be close to being done with the flu. I hope so because I am ready to get out of this house!!
On a good note, Blake's dermatologist said her skin, on the new medicine, has improved 50% and that he thinks we should be close to getting her on the right track of having this eczema under control. She will of course still have bad break outs now and then and not know why, but that just goes with eczema.


The Strattons said...

Poor babies!! We hope they feel better soon.

Lewis Family said...

Hooray for small mercies!

Ryan and Tawnee said...

they are so sweet when they are sick...then they get better! Just kidding, Blake looks alot like Cambelle in these pictures don't ya think?