Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just get comfy why don't ya:)

So the "babies", Brayden and Blake, got the flu as well. So much for the flu shot. Needless to say I have been cleaning everything. I was washing sheets and threw the comforters in the corner to wait. When I came back to wash them this is what I found:) Bronx and Bishop just making themselves comfortable on the blankets. These dogs will lay wherever there is a blanket or pillow, it doesn't matter that they have a huge bed pillow in the other room. They like other peoples better. Hmmm, guess they aren't much different than kids:)

The top picture is of the new pillow I bought them to stay in the laundry room. They like to look out the window and bark at everyone:) I guess that's why the sells men I saw out the window didn't ring our doorbell. Who would be afraid of these sweet tiny dogs???

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