Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our "Glue" Filled Saturday

Saturday we decided to have a fun filled day. We took the boat out on the lake and then we went to Willie's for a late lunch. While in line at the restaurant Brayden and Blake were swinging from the poles. Next thing I know Brayden is tapping me and holding his head, so I bend over to give his head a kiss, expecting to see a huge knot, instead I see a tiny gash that you could just squish back together.
So Martin dropped Brayden and I off at St. Luke's, which was across the street, and we waited about 4 1/2 hours to see the doctor. The whole time people kept coming in and I was praying Brayden wouldn't catch anything. I made him sit on my lap the whole time and play his Nintendo DS and would not let him touch anything. Finally we see the doctor and she is going to staple his wound:( As she is prepping the wound she says she thinks she can glue it closed instead:) So he had to take it easy on Sunday and not wash his hair for a few days. He never even cried.


The Stratton Fam said...

Way to be tough Brayden! Sorry about the wound tho. Maybe it'll leaave a scar so you can have a battle wound like your Aunt Lisa.

Texas Jacksons said...

Boys! I guess I wouldn't know. Those pics of everyone sleeping makes me want to take a nap!

ginger said...

Welcome to the glued back together club Brayden. We have super glue in our first aid kit for these occasions! Cheaper faster and very small scars.