Saturday, February 14, 2009

Houston, We Have The FLU!

Bailey was sick Thursday and on Friday I took her to the doctor thinking it was strep throat. Wrong! It is the flu:( She has had a high fever and is miserable. Saturday Brice woke up with ,you guessed it, the flu. I have sequestered them to my bedroom and I won't let the little ones in:) Brayden and Blake had the flu shot because of their breathing problems so hopefully they won't get it. I really hope Martin doesn't get it because he will be at deaths door:)


Texas Jacksons said...

eeeewwwhhh!! I hate the damn flu! I can just see the flu look on their faces. Yeah, I'll pray for you that Martin doesn't get it. Ha!!

The Mangrum Family said...

I'm sorry - if there's anything you need, just let me know.

The Stratton Fam said...

Sorry the girls got sick. That stinks, we had something like the flu a while back. Hopefully they are all feeling better now (I just realized this was a while ago).